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Remote Camp Catering


CLIMA Camps has provided remote camp catering servicessince 1985 nutritious, well balanced camp to workers in remote sites all around the world. also provide market for skilled labour in remote sites is challenging and our clients realize that wages are not the only factor in retaining employees; quality of life in a remote camp setting is equally important. We understand the importance of providing a comfortable camp with high quality catering services.

Small or large, our staff will provide peace of mind in your camp. Our remote catering operations offer a suite of services including complete camp management, food service, maintenance and housekeeping services. We are very flexible in our approach and allow you to bundle our services as needed. Camp combined with our remote camp supply and solution,CLIMA Camps provides full "turn-key camp" solutions.

We cater over 5000 people every day in remote sites across the country. Our Chefs:

  • Refresh remote workforces by providing nutritious meals
  • Increase workforce retention in remote sites by improving the workforce quality of life
  • Provide variety and flair with every food service
  • Only use the freshest ingredients
  • Meet the highest request and environmental standards.
  • Meet the highest quality standards.

National Presence

Our national presence in the Canada's north enables CLIMA to leverage food suppliers to provide the best products in a standardized manner, at the best available price.

What does that mean for our clients?
Your camp will receive the freshest produce, the finest cuts of beef and brand name products. You will benefit from an outstanding remote catering operation that provides excellent cuisine in a food safe environment.


CLIMA's client are diverse and include mining, oil, accommadation, construction, utilities, forestry and government. Companies choose CLIMA because we have been delivering on our promises since 1985.圀攀 boast a 99% retention rate with our remote catering clients.

If you are looking for a remote workforce caterer that will give youexceptional service for us.

Why are remote catering and food services so important?

Choosing the right remote catering supplier for a workforce in a remote site is a key part of a client's success. A good caterer will have a positive effect on worker morale, turnover rates, and productivity. At CLIMA, we are true remote caterers. We have been in business from 1985 and we keep all our catering in house - no sub-contracting - so that we can monitor food quality and catering service levels. We work directly with our clients on customized menus and programs for their remote sites. To ensure the best workforce catering service we employ executive chefs who oversee our work camps and continually monitor our menus and food service quality. The end result is a cost effective remote site food service program that maximizes quality and increases the morale and productivity in our client's remote workforce camps.

Our remote site catering philosophy

Our chef's cook from scratch. Our hiring team looks for hotel chefs and restaurant chefs with extensive kitchen experience. We don't look for staff who have cycled through multiple remote catering companies. We look for experienced chefs whose spirit and sense of adventure fit well with cooking in remote workforce camp solution. We don't accept that cooking in remote sites has to come from pre-packaged boxes. We analyze and engineer our menus so that they are optimized for quality and use fresh ingredients. When our clients talk we listen. Our mission is to become the premier remote catering service supplier in Canada.

Remote catering and food service experience

CLIMA has operated remote workforce accommodation facilities from 1985. Which have a long list of satisfied customers who come to us because they know that our food service reputation has been built on years of successfully executed remote camp catering projects. If you would like to discuss your remote catering needs please contact us free.

Nutrition and productivity

Poor remote site catering programs underlie many workplace issues: morale, safety, productivity, the long-term health of the workers and productivity of workers. CLIMA is a true remote site camp supplier with a fully staffed executive chef team and local managers who monitor our camp food quality regularly. Remote camp menus are engineered to give your workers great tasting meals and better nutrition. Better nutrition in the workplace raises productivity rates, and decreases sick days and accidents. Contact CLIMA today to see how we can help develop your remote site catering program and lower your operating costs.

Remote Food Service Oversight

Quality control in remote sites is the single biggest challenge to a camp services provider. CLIMA has been overseeing remote work sites from 1985. Since that time CLIMA Camps has developed the highest standards of oversight in the remote camp business. Your workforce camp, no matter how remote, will be supported by our Corporate Executive Chef and his team. CLIMA is the only caterer who not only staff operations with Red Seal Chefs, but also with regional management that includes Corporate Executive Chefs. Your remote workforce will benefit from our continually evolving menu planning and recipe execution. Our management teams provide continuous training to our catering staff to ensure that our camp operations remain current, fresh and meet the highest of standards. Our customers can remain focused on executing their project while we remain focused on managing the camp. CLIMA Camps has managed remote camps at a national level since 1985.



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