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Refrigeration Containers


CLIMA offers a range of Refrigeration containers, for use either as static storage of chilled/frozen products, and units that are capable of freezing goods and manufacturing ice in large volumes.
These include, but are not limited too:
  • 6m & 12m Integral ISO Standard Reefer Containers (available for lease or purchase)
  • Ice Plants
  • Blast Freezers
  • Holding Freezers
  • Chillers
  • Combination Freezer/Chiller
CLIMA is the leader in the Sub-Saharan region in the supply of containerized industrial Ice Plants & Blast Freezers and has been supplying the African market with these products for over 20 years. Specifically developed for harsh operating conditions in Africa, our Ice Plants & Blast Freezers are structurally robust offering minimum maintenance requirements, easy-to-understand controls, uncomplicated installation and commissioning, and built in protection against electrical supply fluctuations. Not surprisingly, Container World’s Ice Plants & Blast Freezers have gained a reputation for quality, reliability and performance.
Although CLIMA offers a standard range of products, our specialized refrigeration department can customize units to provide you with an effective and productive solution that meets your exact requirements.
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