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Prefabricated Labors' Dormitories Camp

Prefabricated Labors' Dormitories Camp



CLIMA camps are designed to maximize comfort and build productive working environments. Buildings produced for workforce camps include staff housing units with washroom facilities, dining halls, conference and recreation container buildings. Mining and logging companies requiring camps in remote areas for their respective workforces will find what they're looking for in Globe Modular's extensive range of custom modular building features.


Workforce camps are often placed in extreme climates. Globe Modular buildings incorporate architectural features to keep staff cool under hot and humid conditions and warm when they're working in some of the coldest corners of the world. These design elements include an extensive list of building materials tested to match specific weather conditions. CLIMA is able to work with clients throughout the manufacturing process to ensure employees will reap the benefits of living quarters that were constructed for their unique living environments. The outcome of this process is greater satisfaction amongst workers and rising levels of productivity.


From camps that resemble small cities to those hosting smaller numbers of employees, Globe Modular designs highly adaptable buildings, widening the boundaries of what our clients can do in the field. For instance, one option for resource sector camps is converting temporary living units into single family homes to serve neighbouring communities for years to come.


Office Camp Builings



Companies wanting to construct a workforce camp that is more than simply rows of bunk houses will appreciate the way Globe Modular plans and installs progressive, spacious modular buildings. Employee camps, wherever they are on the map, are constructed to bring out the best possible elements -- from personal storage space to maximizing natural light -- of temporary homes and work spaces. Those who partner with Globe Modular value their workforce and work diligently to ensure they have well designed temporary homes.


  • Tightly airproof, heat insulated and preservation, waterproof, resistant to fire and moisture proof;
  • Easy assembly and disassembly, flexible layout, green and environmental friendly.
  • Beautiful in design and structure; color-coated steel sheet, good appearance and effectiveness.
  • 10 year life span.
  • Space-saving for container shipping.
  • Repeatable and recycled.
  • Material and labor extremely cost-effective.
  • High Quality and Durability.



  • Labor camps and staff accomodation
  • Site Engineer's offices and all-purposed offices
  • Emergency sites
  • Occasional tents and shelters
  • Ramadan tents (special designs)


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