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Mining Camp House

Portable camps for mining exploration, drilling operations, and seismic surveys.

CLIMA offers portable camps for all types of commercial exploration. Regular customers in this category include mining exploration and drilling companies, seismic crews, and research organizations.

Exploration typically takes place in remote areas with no road access – from lush jungles in the humid tropics to harsh, frozen tundra. Whether your expedition is intended for hot or cold climates, we can design a camp for all destinations, no matter how inaccessible.

CLIMA exploration camps can include accommodation, kitchens, dining halls, wash houses, offices, core shacks, recreation facilities, and medical shelters. These applications can be housed in our fabric shelters, expandable containers, or be a combination of both, which is commonly referred to as a hybrid camp.



CLIMA Modular container camp buildings are designed for every environment across the planet. We offer a wide spectrum of highly adaptable modular buildings built from newly fabricated ISO shipping container frames. Each container building, whether designed to be part of a workforce camp, a high density residential neighbourhood, apartment complex or hotel, performs as high quality, cost-effective housing and work space.



The dormitories can be modified from brand new or second hand 40 feet container or 20 feet cotainers. It is featured with stronger structure than the demountable containers and it is anti-thief. This products can be used as office and dormitories.

Till now we have made the various kinds modified container house for over thousands sets and they are exported to Middle east, Africa, Russia, Ukraine and etc.

1. Containers camp building is easy to transport, strond and durable.

2. EPS, PU or Rockwool sandwich panel will be insulated on the interior wall, roof. After insulation, the containers will be featured with sound proof, heat proof and moisture resistance, at the same time it would looked more beautyful and easy to do the maintainence.

3. Windows and doors will be installed on your choice. For thief proof, bulgar bars will be installed if necessary. Before transportation, the windows and doors will be well sealed. After the containers arrive, they insulated mask will be removed by you.


More than 1,000 units worldwide are providing housing solutions to satisfied clients. Our ability to design and build unique, comfortable, yet durable structures under short deadlines makes us a leader in the containerized housing industry.

Every CLIMA Modular container building is newly constructed specific to each project and is designed to provide maximum usable living and working space per square foot. We also offer long-term, legacy solutions to companies who may wish to reconfigure workforce camps into single family homes once initial projects are complete.

The highly adaptable nature of our container based units allows us to produce products with features that ensure our clients can perform at the highest levels of their industries.

Our container buildings can be constructed for urban neighbourhoods or remote outposts in countries around the world, such as Northern Canada, Dubai, The Andes of Chile, Australian outback, or low income houses in cities around the world. The harsh conditions found in some of these diverse climates -- running the spectrum from extreme cold to sweltering heat and humidity -- are perfect environments for CLIMA Modular container structures, which are easily modified and adapted to suit each unique situation.

For your workforce camp, low income housing or other container building need, contact CLIAM as a first step to making your plan a reality.


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