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Introducing Prefabricated Homes and commercial buildings


Prefabricated building systems are computer designed and pre engineered in a factory. The complete structure of the building is fabricated in ready to install insulated panels which are joined together with lightweight steel profiles. Assembly is fast and uncomplicated and does not require specialist tools or knowledge.

Completed buildings are packed in component format and delivered direct to the site location by truck.

Save time and money by choosing a Prefabricated Home

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Choosing a prefabricated home guarantees that your home will cost considerably less than a traditionally built home.

You can be enjoying your new in less than a few months, your home will be economic to run and have a very low carbon footprint helping to protect our environment, and because our homes are pre engineered in a factory and easy to assemble you may be able to achieve further cost savings by doing some or all of the installation yourself.

Choosing and installing your new home...
1. Choose one of our spacious and attractive designs...
The first step towards your new home is to choose the model which best suits your space requirements and budget from our wide range of carefully designed houses. We can provide full detailed plans of each model so you can easily visualise the layout and the look of the house. We can liaise with your architect to help with any pre planning questions and assist by providing any product information required to obtain local building permissions. Our own architects are available to help if required. 

2. Prepare your site for your new home... 
Once you have obtained any local building permits that may be required you are ready to begin building your home. Contact us or our local agent to order your house. Whilst we are preparing your building for delivery which takes about three weeks, you can be preparing the site and ground slab on which to erect your home. 

3. Build your home...
When your house arrives you will have all the materials you need to construct the building. You can carry out the installation yourself with the help of our comprehensive installation guide or you can have the installation carried out by our own experienced team at additional cost. Alternatively you can choose to participate in selected parts of the installation in order to keep installation costs to a minimum.


PROFESSIONAL Prefabricated buildings to work in...

Prefabricated buildings designed and manufactured with an architectural approach that gives priority to the work place.

Schools, banks, offices, class rooms, lecture halls, student accommodation, nursery, hospitals, health center, infirmary, nursing home, hotels, motels, showroom, shops... There is no limit to the variety of buildings possible.

Benefit from prefabrication...

- High insulation values save heating and cooling costs. 
- Fast build time guarantees an almost immediate income stream from rented property.
- Modular design allows for fast, scalable extensions.
- Highly resistant to high winds and earthquake activity.
- Low carbon footprint.
- Provides a considerable advantage in terms of maintenance and replacement expenses.

Your commercial building can be ready to use in a few months...

Not only does a prefabricated building offer vast savings in build costs when compared to a conventional building but the build time can be very short which means that you can be open for business faster. 

Return on investment...

In a commercial environment time is money and the less time required to achieve a useable commercial building the faster the building can be put to commercial use. Our commercial designers work closely with our clients to provide fit for purpose prefabricated commercial buildings in the shortest possible length of time.

Energy Savings and Isolation 
Energy saving is on everyone’s agenda. Ensuring maximum insulation values are gained is our project team’s first priority. All projects are designed and built according to DIN standards to enable maximum insulation and optimum energy saving. Your prefabricated building will last longer and cost less to run than a traditionally built building.

Reduce cost and Time
The cost savings in speed and materials required to provide a commercial building ensure that your return on investment is optimised. Our buildings can be delivered and installed anywhere in the world.

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