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CLIMA produces its own purpose built modified ISO container structures normally referred to as “Container Camps.” Key advantages include: extreme durability and weather resistance, allows for complete prefabrication, plug and play assembly and high quality standards.

CLIMA containerized dorms arrive turnkey. For a free standing unit, the only requirement is for the onsite contractor to hook-up the gas, electrical and water feeds, and then move in their staff.

We offer a wide spectrum of highly adaptable modular container buildings, built from newly fabricated ISO shipping container frames. Whether designed to be part of a workforce camp, a high density residential neighbourhood, apartment complex or hotel; each container building performs as a high quality, cost-effective housing and work space.

Every CLIMA container building is newly constructed specific to each project and is designed to provide maximum usable living and working space per square foot. We also offer long-term, legacy solutions to companies who may wish to reconfigure workforce camps into single family homes once initial projects are complete.

The highly adaptable nature of our container based units allows us to produce products with features that ensure our clients can perform at the highest levels of their industries.

The robust structure of these units allows for full interior finishing happening offsite, down to the smallest details.

Unlike standard containers, CLIMA containers have a series of additional supports built into the structure to ensure that it can withstand the same load as any other Canadian house.

We build our containerized units with 2lbs closed cell spray foam insulation. This acts as a vapour barrier as well as prevents any condensation from forming on the inside of our units.

For your workforce camp, low income housing or other container building need, contact Globe Modular as a first step to making your plan a reality.

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