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Temporary Prefab House

Natural disasters, booming economic infrastructure, and military deployment throughout the world, mean many people are in need of transitional or temporary housing. Bunk houses for military camps, workforce accommodations for EPC companies, or shelters for families after a natural tragedy, General Coach has prefabricated building solutions to meet various global needs.

Our products are shipped in finished form, requiring no on site construction and minimal setup. This makes deployment of large shipments fast and easy. We realize that temporary housing should provide both the necessities and key attributes for family and social life so our units provide the comforts of home with the durability to last for years.

General Coach can help design complete complexes with separate units for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. This arrangement can be quite functional for larger groups and provides more cost effective solutions.

General Coach adapts to international codes, accommodating either 110 or 220 volt hydro and installing step-down transformers on all appliances.


  • Thermal insulating value R-7 walls, R-12 ceiling, and R-19 floors.
  • Heavy gauge square tube steel frame for stability.
  • Above standard steel roof - long lasting with no leaks.
  • Vacuum formed walls in raised roof



 CLIMA LOW COST range of prefabricated houses and camp buildings provide instant, cost effective and comfortable  accommodation anywhere.

CLIMA LOW COST buildings are made from sandwich or composite panels supported on a light steel frame structure. They can be flat packed and are easy to assemble on any flat surface offering immediate solutions to a wide range of domestic andcommercial space requirements.


CLIMA prefabricated buildings are designed to provide optimal comfort. The walls, floor and ceiling are made of insulated sandwich panels providing a controlled internal environment with the same insulation values as a modern house. Internal partition walls and internal doors are also fully insulated.

Ultra Low Cost...

CLIMA prefabricated homes are designed to suit individual requirements. Buildings are  'flat packed' to reduce transport costs, simple and quick  to erect, and exceptional value for money.

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