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Temporary Camp House

 CLIMA are specialists in all kind of camp solutions that working in harsh environments safe and comfortable. Over the years we have delivered customised solutions for the most challenging projects in the industry.

For details on some of our recent projects please see our gallery below.


Remote Camps Australia provides a range of buildings and mobile camps that are designed for rapid deployment into inhospitable and remote areas. If you need an innovative approach to remote buildings and equipment, aside from its standard buildings, it has a range of other conventional and non-conventional solutions.

The ‘Rapid Unit’ a lightweight, modular, collapsible building that is light enough to be lifted into site by helicopter and simple enough to be put together by two people within an hour. It is cyclonic rated and robust enough for the harshest environment.

The ‘Compact Unit’ is a larger building that packs down to a box the width and length of the building but only 600mm in height. Using a forklift or HIAB the Compact Unit can easily be assembled on site by two people within a couple of hours. The units can be joined together to make larger rooms or even stacked on top to make two levels. They are cyclonic and can be built to required dimensions.


Both the Rapid Unit and the Compact Unit can be adapted to use for accommodation, offices, medical units, communications and command posts. They can be fitted with bathrooms and toilets and air conditioned. The walls reduce external noise and insulate against extreme weather.

Remote Camp's, Mobile Camps are built to the heaviest duty specifications for clients that want a robust, tough and dependable mobile camp. These specialised mobile camps are designed with retractable verandas, lighting, split air conditioners, tropical roofs, solar and DC back up, electrical circuits. Any combination of accommodation, kitchen, mess, laundry, office and service trailers can be designed to order. Generators, water treatment, waste treatment, fuel tanks, storage areas, and cool rooms can be incorporated into the design.

The mobile camp can be mounted on lightweight ‘dog trailers’, heavy duty off-road semi-trailers, trucks and even barges for rapid deployment into the harshest country.


Design Features

External Lighting – In appropriate positions
All Main switch boards to be located externally and recessed
Smoke Detection system – lead from main supply to DB Board / Siren to mounted externally with indicator
light facing walkway
Door ventilation system – Design and incorporate throughway ventilation for all doors. Vent must be open and
close system
3m wide configuration
Cyclone rated
Low Mob and Demob costs
Rest and Play solution
3 Phase Generator supply and or hard wired
All equipment to be permanently mounted / fixed for regular relocation


Temporary Camp Office


Temporary Camp Dormitories

Each project has individual requirements whereby staff require private or shared quarters. Each room will fully fitted with Beds, Mattress, Work space, Shower, Toilet, Vanity and Storage. Each Room will have its own Aircon unit.


Temporary School

Temporary Hospital


Commercial Food storage:

Due to the remote location of our camps, each 40ft Storage container boasts a 100% redundancy package for reducing the loss of fresh and frozen produce. These units are custom made and consist of a dedicated Freezer, Chiller and Dry goods storeroom.



Commercial Kitchen:

A std 12m x 2.4m container room fitted to our commercial kitchen specifications can cater for 48 pax. The Kitchen facility in installed at our Adelaide warehouse where all equipments are manufactured within Australia. Each Kitchen facility can be custom fitted based on catering and menu requirements. A typical Kitchen facility will include, Cook top, Extraction, Deep fryer, Grill Plate, Baine Marie, Bench tops Stainless Steel, Pot sinks, Mop sinks, Wash stations, dual fridge's with inter leading servery and staff galley.


Dining Facility:

The Dining facility is placed on a skid platform and joined to the Kitchen facility. An internal walkway between the Kitchen and dining facility assist staff with cleaning and food transfer from the kitchen to the food prep areas and baine maries. A private wash bay mounted externally on the skid can be included to promote a clean and sanitary environment.


Laundry Facility:

Each Laundry facility is fitted with commercial Maytag Washing and Dryers. Private lockers are also provided for each staff member whereby clean and dirty gear would be placed during the process.

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