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Storage Container

Containers are renowned for their toughness and durability, storage containers are convenient way to add additional secure storage space wherever you may require it. All our storage containers are supplied in a good, sound condition, and are all thoroughly inspected before they leave our premises to ensure they have no holes or leaks. The only requirement our clients have to meet is that the area wherever the units are to be placed is flat and easily accessible for a crane truck to off-load on-site. We have a large variety of containers for sale from accommodation containers to storage shipping containers.

CLIMA has New and Pre-Owned 3m, 6m or 12m Standard Height, Hi-Cube, Open-Top Containers and even Refrigerated and Tank Containers available for lease and/or purchase. CLIMA’s rental fleet is maintained to a high standard with regular new additions, and consists of a substantial number of new containers.

We also offer a delivery service, using a fleet of crane equipment trucks, able to deliver anywhere in the country, even in hard-to-get-to places.

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