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Single Storey Slop Roof Prefabricated House

Single Storey Slope Crest Prefabricated House


1.Single Floor Prefab House which is easy to disassembly and assembly department,it can be removed 10 times,and it can last long 20 years.
2.It is easy to ship,the framework is light steel system,the wall and the roof system are sandwich panel with EPS.400SQM-500SQM can be loaded into a 40 feet container.
3.It is time-saving and multifarious, all the parts are prefabricated,that makes easy installation and you can add or remove the doors and windows,and also you can change them any place.There will be more layouts for your roomage.
4.It is wind-proof,and the maximum speed of the wind can be 120KM/H.
5.It is earthquake-proof,and the maximum gread is 8 degrees.
6.The foundation is easy to make or no needed.
7.It can be recyable,it can last for 20 years long,and no construction waste.
8.It is easy to install,a skilled worker can install 20SQM-30SQM one day.
9. It is easily customized.The houses can be designed accordingly to the clients’needs.And all the things are optional.
10.We can provide the services of shipping ,installation or we can send an engineer to you to teach your workers how to install the house.

Service scope: we can provide fabrication or installation service based on the information and the requirements from client.

Material standard: Q235,Q345 based on China material standard.

Advantage: light weight, high operational reliability, earth-quake resistance, impact resistance, high degree of industrialization, easy to install.

For clients information: if clients can provide the following information in the inquiry, it will be very helpful.

Design drawing or fabrication drawing if you have.
The dimension: length, width, height, windows and doors dimensions, etc.
The function of building, and if need, the interior equipment etc.

The class of building: the high, the middle or the low class.

Special requirement on function: such as water system, electricity installation, or other requirements etc.

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