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Remote Camp

CLIMA are specialists in remote camp solutions that working in harsh environments safe and comfortable. Over the years we have delivered customised solutions for the most challenging projects in the industry.

For details on some of our recent projects please see our gallery below.

Recent Projects

SCF group has manufactured over 20 x 48 Man Camps in the past 2 years for the Cooper Basin and North Queensland exploration. Each camp was designed to be relocated every few days with low MOB and DEMOB costs and virtually zero footprint impact.

All design aspects for the units required can be provided. Each design conform to Australian Plumbing and Electrical standards and supporting documents will be supplied on delivery.

Design Features

External Lighting – In appropriate positions
All Main switch boards to be located externally and recessed
Smoke Detection system – lead from main supply to DB Board / Siren to mounted externally with indicator
light facing walkway
Door ventilation system – Design and incorporate throughway ventilation for all doors. Vent must be open and
close system
3m wide configuration
Cyclone rated
Low Mob and Demob costs
Play solution
3 Phase Generator supply and or hard wired
All equipment to be permanently mounted / fixed for regular relocation

Gallery of Remote Camps

Skid Platforms:Our skid platforms are constructed and engineered in house and carry a length of 14.5m. The service's such as Aircon and hot water systems can be mounted on the provided platforms. Each platform and frame is supported by the skid and reduces mobilising costs and demob costs as all installs can be managed within the depot or at the holding yard. Relocation and delivery this application is achieved by tilt tray. Walkways are an optional extra and are secured to the skid frames and folded against the container.Each skid is fully engineered in house and can be custom designed to suite project application.

Commercial Food storage: Due to the remote location of our camps, each 40ft Storage container boasts a 100% redundancy package for reducing the loss of fresh and frozen produce. These units are custom made and consist of a dedicated Freezer, Chiller and Dry goods storeroom.

Commercial Kitchen:A std 12m x 2.4m container room fitted to our commercial kitchen specifications can cater for 48 pax. The Kitchen facility in installed at our Adelaide warehouse where all equipments are manufactured within Australia. Each Kitchen facility can be custom fitted based on catering and menu requirements. A typical Kitchen facility will include, Cook top, Extraction, Deep fryer, Grill Plate, Baine Marie, Bench tops Stainless Steel, Pot sinks, Mop sinks, Wash stations, dual fridge's with inter leading servery and staff galley.

Dining Facility:Dining facility is placed on a skid platform and joined to the Kitchen facility. An internal walkway between the Kitchen and dining facility assist staff with cleaning and food transfer from the kitchen to the food prep areas and baine maries. A private wash bay mounted externally on the skid can be included to promote a clean and sanitary environment.

Accommodation:Each project has individual requirements whereby staff require private or shared quarters. Each room will fully fitted with Beds, Mattress, Work space, Shower, Toilet, Vanity and Storage. Each Room will have its own Aircon unit.

Laundry Facility:Each Laundry facility is fitted with commercial Maytag Washing and Dryers. Private lockers are also provided for each staff member whereby clean and dirty gear would be placed during the process.

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