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Public Sentry Box


(Sentry Box,Stall,Newsagent,Portable toilet,Motel, gate house,prefabricated booking office, guard booths)


custom-made prefab house


(Novel style,Moveable,Custom-made,Heat Preservation,Dampproof,Winproof)




1.custom-made prefab house is easy to move,install and dismantle.

2.They are time-saving,the roof,floor,wall and electricity system are prefabricated,and it makes the installation more quick and easy.

3.custom-made prefab house is wind-proof,and the maximal speed of the wind can be 120KM/H.

4.They are earthquake-proof,and the maximal gread is 8 degrees.

5.They are water-proof,and the air tightness and water tightness are good.

6.The foundation is easy to make or no needed.

7.custom-made prefab houses can be reuesd ,and no construction waste.

8.They are custom-made,every part is optional.

9.We can provide the services of shipping ,installation or we can send an engineer to you to teach your workers how to install the prefa house.



Gate house



prefabricated security guard house



prefabricated guard booths.jpg


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Custom-made prefab houses

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