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1.Reliable structure: Light steel flexible construction structure,safe and reliable, which is confromed with building code for structural design.
2. Speedy disassembly and assembly: Light steel house can be disassembled and assembled for many times,and it is recyclable product only with simple tools to install.
3. Humane layout: Doors,windows and partitions can be arranged in any positions.Staircases are arranged outdoor.
4.Structurally anti-water: Light steel house uses structurally anti-water design with no demand for extra anti-water processing.
5.Durable: All our light steel structures are used anti-corrosive powder-coating,you can even use a hammer to knock on the surface,normally the life expectancy can be above30 years.
6.Environmental-friendly and cost-saving: Our light steel structures are designed and intergrated with fashion western building styles,low attrition rate and no construction waste.


prefabricated house and modular house prefabricated house and modular house
prefabricated house and modular house





Main body

Flexible light steel structure, using C shape steel, H shape steel, square bar flat bar and others in pillars, beams, purlins, truss and so on. Bolted on a concrete foundation.



Color-coated steel sandwich panel made of single-layer steel sheets and PU. Total thickness 20mm, heat and sound insulated.


Wall board

Color-coated steel sandwich panel made of double-sided steel sheets and the middle layer of XPS or PU. Total thickness 50mm, heat and sound insulated.



Same as wall board



Aluminium alloy and sliding glass

Technical parameter

Snow load: 60kg / m

Internal and External wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m栀℃

 Roof heat transmission coefficient: 0.21Kcal/ m栀℃

Moving floor load(Based-Plate Load Capacity): 200kg / m

Wind resistance: grade 11 (wind velocity: 111.5km/h )

Earthquake resistance: grade 7

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