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Demountable Container House


(Construction site,Temporary Office,Temporary Dormitory,Field operation,Additional Floor and so on)


Movable,Prefabricated,Multilayer,Stable,Time-saving,Earthquake-proof,Wind-proof,Fire-proof,Water-proof,Comprehensive-Transport,No Nundation Needed.)




DCTH Container Prefabricated House with the high and new technology,can be usded as: Construction site,Temporary Office,Temporary Dormitory,Camp Work,Additional Floor and so on.

1.Container House which is a whole set and all-built-in-house.This is the real mobile house and specially used for consturction site which means it can be removed easliy anywhere for many times.

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2.It is easy to ship, its outer board is sandwich panel with EPS,and its inner board is wooden board or plasterborad. Foldable for shippment and after folding the packing size is only: 6058*2438*2591mm.8 sets container houses can be loaded into a 40 feet container.


3.The Container Prefabricated House is time-saving,the roof,floor and electricity system are prefabricated,and it makes the installation much quicker and easyier.


4.It is wind-proof,and the maximum speed of the wind can be 120KM/H.

5.The Container Prefabricated House is earthquake-proof,and the maximum gread is 8 degrees.

6.The foundation is easy to make or no needed.

7.The Container House can be recyable,it can last for 20 years long,and no construction waste.

8.It is water-proof,and the air tightness and water tightness are good.

9. It is easily customized.The houses can be designed accordingly to the clients’needs.And all the things are optional.

10.We can provide the services of shipping ,installation or we can send an engineer to you to teach your workers how to install the house.

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