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Ablution Container

Ablution Containers Modified from ISO Shipping Containers

Folding container prefabricated house


Ablution containers are almost standard part of every containerized object. Of course, they are also widely used us mobile toilet, show room in pulic area.
Upon customer wish, It is possible to use ceramic tiles as inner floor and walls cladding.Until now we have delivered various ablution containers as part of containerized camps, schools, kindergardens, administrative objects as well as single units deliverd to petrol stations, marines and sport events.

CLIMA toilet & show containers:

  • Container with showers
  • Container with toilets
  • Male/female toilet container
  • Combined toilet/shower container


12m Ablution Container showing the hand basins, shower cubicles and the anti-slip rubber flooring
12m Ablution Container showing high capacity electrical water heater
12m Ablution Container showing shower cubicles
12m Ablution Container with toilet cubicles


Our portable shower and toilet containers are suitable for permanent and temporary site facilities. They can used seprately but also combine together.

CLIMA Containers offer a range of portable toilets and shower units for sale in various of sizes up in which the most popular are 10feet, 20feet and 40 feet. 吀栀攀猀攀 units can be supplied with non-slip flooring, wooden benching, storage box and coat hooks. Lockers can also be supplied for extra security for personal belongings. We can also incorporate a drying room, or drying facilities.

A range of standard layouts are available, however if none of these meet your requirements, we can build a portable toilet and shower cabin to your specified layout.

The following is standard:

  • Windows complete with steel shutters
  • Secure door - easy to use 10 point locking system (multiple keys provided)
  • Choice of door and window position
  • Choice of colour
  • Corrugated or smooth sided
  • 12 month warranty including a 24 hour on site response

Options available:

  • Wooden benches
  • Coat hooks
  • Lockers
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Toilets and showers
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